November 27th 2009

Oh my, it's been ages since I wrote anything.

I got busy writing and preparing work for a couple of grant proposals, and forgot everything else that was on my plate for a couple of weeks. Now they're sent off, and I'm working on a few new things.

The project I've been working on the last couple of days is actually a really fun one. It's a Christmas card design for the interior design firm that my sister works for. I love designing our own Christmas cards, and Cara's boss had seen last year's and wanted something similar. If you're a client of Khachi Design Group, you may just get one in the mail!

At the top of this post is a photo of a gift that my friend Pam dropped off yesterday. It's called an Apple Geranium, and smells exactly like apples! She found it at a local farm's market last year, and it's been growing like wild. She made clippings and they're going crazy too. I can't wait to pot this sweet little plant. It's so pretty.

This morning Karyn posted some photos of her desk on her blog, Make Something. I love seeing what other people's work spaces look like, and it's always fun to see old photos of what my desk looked like a year or two ago, (because it's always changing), so I took some of my own! Luckily it's fairly clean today. A couple of days ago it was a complete disaster!

I've started making some new Christmas ornaments for the tree this year, as well as to put on people's gifts. I absolutely love these sweet little knit acorns. I found the pattern online, and they only take about a half hour to make. I love the look of homemade ornaments. Last year, Chris' Mom gave us a bunch of ornaments that they used to put on their tree when Chris was younger. Most of them were made by his Grandma, and have people's names embroidered into them. I want to try to make some like that for family this year.


  1. yeah! that apple geranium looks amazing. i was just reading about geraniums and thinking i should try to find one. i will look for this apple one for sure. your desk looks very tidy, but full of interesting bits and bobs. it is so fun to look through other people's stuff!

  2. Oh my god. I feel like a caveman reading your blog sometimes Melinda, those fucking acorns are insanely adorable!

  3. Karyn, if I ever see any interesting ones at the market I'll pick you one up. Or if these start going super wild like Pam's, I'll get some clippings for you! (They smell so good!)

    Sarah, what's your address? I'm going to send you some Canadian Acorns!

  4. Melinda,
    Do you crochet or knit the little acorn ornaments?...I just took a beginners course for crocheting and I was the only one who couldn't make a simple flower, haha. Once I get the hang of it, I would love to try something like those acorns, too cute!

  5. i like your desk a lot. i wish we had room in our apartment for a little desk for me!

  6. Sara, I knit these ones. I can't crochet at all. I've tried and failed. Maybe I'll make learning to crochet a NY resolution?

    Tony, thank you! I wish you had room for a desk too. One day you'll live in a giant old house and you'll have libraries and dens that you can put a work desk in!

  7. you take such gorgeous polaroids, i've been skimming your blog this morning before going to work and am probably late now! all the photos have a soft focus and beautiful hues. i am also a huge fan of Le Select, like you.