December 1st 2009

It's the first day of December! Yay!

I've been starting to get in to the Christmas spirit a little early this year, (which is surprising since it's been warm with not a sign of a snowflake to be seen). I started making presents as early as August. Ridiculous. But I wanted to make as many presents as I could this year. There's no harm in getting a bit of a head start on things, right?

Chris and I started doing reference image research for our Christmas card design a couple of nights ago and noticed a startling trend...

Loads of vintage Santa smoking ads! Funny, but a bit disturbing.

For the record, we didn't end up going with Chris' (amazing) idea to draw Santa as a vampire for our Christmas card this year... maybe next year? I'm sure everyone's all vampired-out.

Once they're all sent out, I'll post a picture of our card design. I don't want to spoil any surprises!


  1. Ha ha, Santa as a vampire would have been hilarious. It's really nice that you're taking the time to make your presents. I only wish I was as organised!

  2. I agree, Santa would have made a cute vampire. We were even debating adding werewolves pulling his sleigh! haha!
    (By the way, your blog is very sweet!)