December 4th 2009

Christmas came early this year!

I was running errands last night down Queen Street in Toronto and while walking past Urban Outfitters, noticed something truly wonderful; they have Polaroid film! I know I'm always posting "Polaroids" on my blog, but they're actually digital photos that I've reformatted using Poladroid, a program you can download from the internet. It makes a nice effect, but there's nothing like the real thing.

My Mom won a Polaroid camera in a contest when I was younger, and I marveled at it. I thought it was amazing how quickly the photos processed, and now that I'm older I love the nostalgic look of them. In 2008, Polaroid ceased production of instant film. I own my Mom's old camera now, and when I found out that the film wouldn't be available much longer, I began looking for some of the last of the film before it disappeared forever. I recently found out about something called the "Impossible Project", an organization that bought old Polaroid equipment and a factory in the Netherlands. As of the beginning of next year, they will reproduce instant film! I'm so excited!

The Impossible Project collaborated with Urban Outfitters to distribute the last packages of instant film, and that's how I got my hands on some.

In other festive news, Chris picked a tree up for us today! I'm so excited to decorate, but promised to wait until tomorrow because he has to work tonight. I can't wait! Maybe I'll take a Polaroid of the finished tree.

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