December 10th 2009

My fingers are still pretty numb while I type this. I've been walking around in the cold for hours today; running errands and picking up things to make presents with. It was so pretty out today. We've gotten our first bit of snow and it was sunny for the most part. I think my face is wind burnt now, though.

On my way around, I dropped off the mittens I knit for Kristin. Perfect timing, since it's so chilly! She and the staff at Magic Pony / Narwhal Art Projects were busy getting ready for their show at Narwhal tomorrow night. I mentioned it in a previous post, but here's a link to the event : Little Crowns, Holiday Group Exhibition.

Also above are some of the shortbread I've been baking. Over the years I've accumulated lots of sweetly-shaped cookie cutters, both from friends and from Polka Dot Kids; one of my favorite shops in the city. These acorns are one of my favorites!

Time to go warm up with a bowl of leftover homemade chili! Mmm...


  1. I love the colour combo of the new mittens! Boy, was it ever cold today. I was walking west for a while and the wind stung so much!

    Polka Dot Kids is one of my favourite shops!

  2. Thanks Anabela! I like the dark on light combo too! The roving is sooo soft and pretty.