December 15th 2009

The other day, when Chris brought home the Parcheesi game from the thrift store, he also picked up a puzzle to work on. It's of a winter scene, and to me, looks like a cross between Dutch scenery and Americana. It was painted by Charles Wysocki, who is known for his folky, scenic Americana paintings.

While I was sitting beside Chris working on more Christmas presents, he started pulling single pieces out to show me. They were so cute! Even though the puzzle is very busy, each puzzle piece is like a tiny piece of artwork in itself. The figures look over simplified, but that's only because they're only one one-thousandth of a larger picture. I like them on their own.


  1. I like their over simplified features!
    did chris find this at the thrift store as well?!

  2. Yeah, he did! He's got a good eye at the thrift stores! We should make a trip down to Odds and Ends soon! Although, that place is usually too tempting!

  3. Chris does have a good eye at thrift stores! I love that nurses photo he found at Odds and Ends! I found a clock, just like your robin's egg blue clock you have by your dinner table at Odds and Ends, it was white! $40. I was also tempted to get it.
    Lets go and dig through his stash! He has the best clocks!