December 6th 2009

We decorated our tree yesterday! After picking it up, I wanted to get decorating it straight away, but Chris had to work that night. So instead I dragged Chris out to the living room first thing yesterday morning, unpacked the ornaments and we got to work. It looks so pretty, and smells so fresh and lovely. I love having a tree in the house. I've been making ornaments, but we also had some pretty ones from Chris' family. (I especially love the one in the above photo! His grandma made that one when he was young).

I'm making presents today, so I can't post any photos! I've got so much on the go, but I can't say a word or I may give away surprises! After the holidays, I'll post about all of the things I've been working on.

I met up with Celine and Charlyn for brunch at Le Sélect Bistro yesterday morning. I hadn't been there in ages, and had almost forgotten how delicious it is there. I had a the best sweet pea and ham soup I've ever had. Charlyn brought the best cookies for us from the St. Lawrence Famer's Market. She said that there was a man there every week who baked and brought these cookies, and was always sold out first thing in the morning! I can see why... mmm. It was so nice to visit with those two! Hopefully we'll have another fun girl-brunch soon!

Time to get back to work on surprises!


  1. ooh. I love Le Select. I keep forgetting about brunch or lunch there. So much more affordable than dinner. I'll have to do that sometime.

  2. Hi! Wanted to say I love Celine's photo of you, it's so great and your little owl is so cute.

  3. wasn't that cookie so yummy?!!? thanks for bringing me to le Select! I HAVE to go here with Jin!

    I love your little owl! He is sitting on my shelf for now until I have to pack him away to go to the new house!

    I hope nikki feels better!

  4. Carly, I love Le Sélect too! I haven't been there for a brunch in so long! And I think we've only had dinner there once.
    Hi Nikole! Thanks for the sweet comments.
    Celine, BEST. COOKIE. EVER. mmm! And I'm glad you liked your owl!