December 3rd 2009

I woke up to the pouring rain this morning. Where is our snow? We haven't had a flake yet! I'm starting to crave wearing my big wool jacket and clompy winter boots, but it's too warm!

I'm still getting into the holiday spirit by making lots of ornaments for our tree. We're picking one up tomorrow, but have to wait until Saturday to decorate because Chris will be at work tomorrow night.

Above is the Muji Christmas Catalog that nikki picked up for me in HK last week. It's amazing! It's really tiny, and bound so beautifully that it feels like a picture book rather than a catalog. I LOVE YOU MUJI! Now we just need one in Toronto...

I'm going to go make myself a hot chocolate and pretend that it's cold outside.


  1. AGREED. Muji really needs to come to toronto.
    your tree is going to look so amazing with all homemade ornaments!!!!!! Those owls look adorable! (and so do your knit shroomies!)

  2. I hope everyone gets to see your owls once they are on the tree. They will look right at home nestled in the branches. Beautiful blog, glad to see it.

  3. Thanks Celine and Heather! I love this owl pattern too. I think they'll make great gifts.