November 15th 2009

Oh man, does it ever feel great to get back to sewing and knitting again. I haven't sewn anything in ages, and decided that it was time for a new pair of slippers. I made some last year but they've been slowly deteriorating because I wear them constantly. { Even outside! So bad! }

These particular slippers are from this book. It's called "My Own Homemade Roomshoes" (ISBN 978-4-43077-7). It's the same book I used for reference for the last pair. Making this slippers is so satisfying. It's not a super hard pattern to follow, even in Japanese, doesn't use a lot of fabric, and the finished product is so sweet! I'm thinking about making some out of my own fabrics, (and there may be some new designs soon), to sell. I think they're a fun project, and hopefully others will think so too.

I've also been working on these mittens.

They're the ones that I'm making from the pattern that I found at the Royal Winter Fair last week, and I love them! They're so wooly and instantly warming when you put your hand in them. They'll be my warmest winter mitts.


  1. both of those look sooo comfy.

    did u do a lining on those mittens? are knitting patterns pretty easy to learn?

  2. Hi Rosalyn! The mittens aren't really lined but instead (all of those white stitches) are "thrum" or "roving" which is a piece of felting wool. The inside looks crazy! Here's a link to a photo of the inside of the mitt on Ravelry :
    Knitting patterns can be pretty easy to follow, especially with video tutorials all over the internet, (and a neighbour upstairs who makes the most beautiful knitted things!) You should try!

  3. please make me a pair of these!! I want to commission a pair please, i love them. my other ones went in the wash and shrunk, boo. i am so sad and my hands are cold and i don't think i will get a chance to knit anything until 2012. can you make me a pair? ox kristin

  4. Oh my goodness those mittens are beautiful!

  5. Kristin, are those the ones that your grandma made you? They were the best mittens ever! Yes, I will definitely knit a pair for you. Just let me know which colours you'd like, and I'll try to get you some before the snow!

    Anabela, thank you!

  6. whooooaaa! melinda, that does have a krazy inner but it looks sooo warm and cozy and ready for winter weather!

    i will definitely have to try soon, all these patterns on ravelry are makin' me jealous! those norwegian stockings are adorable!!!!

  7. Hi Melinda, I love the slippers and have searched all over for the book you refer to - my own homemade roomshoes" (isbn 978-4-43077-7). I can't seem to find it. Can you tell me where I might get a copy?

  8. Hi Mary, I don't believe the book is in print anymore. I got it from an Etsy site, seller Pomadour24.
    You could always message her and ask if she still has copies?
    Good luck!