March 11th 2010

I've wanted to get really good at making bread, (which I find a real challenge), so as a sort of unofficial New Year's resolution I've decided to keep trying until I can make it well.

Yesterday, it was a full day, (from 9am til 8pm), of brioche dough, but it was well worth it! (The day previous, I tried a raisin bread from The River Cottage Family Cookbook and it didn't rise properly. It was heavy). This brioche recipe was from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 2, and it was light and flakey and really tasty with strawberry jam this morning.

While waiting for things to proof in the kitchen, I also worked on a new print design. I've finished it, but haven't decided yet whether I want to make it into a card or small print. I'll post photos when I've printed it.

Oh yeah, and I changed the appearance of my website a little! I'm really happy with the way it looks now. Here it is! I'm adding new work to it all the time, so please check back.

Time for second breakfast?


  1. ohh new website looks great! so does the bread! mmm. also i heart new fabrics. so amazing!


  2. those tiny breads look delicious. i bet they'd be real good with my coffee right now. sometimes i wish you were my next door neighbour! although i'd probably get greedy and knock on your door every time i smelled something good from coming under the door.

  3. Thanks Rhya & Anthony!
    Rhya, are you coming to the Trunk Show next month? I haven't seen you in ages! Hope you can make it!
    Tony, you can come and collect bake goods any time you'd like!

  4. i am totally going to try and be there! i would love to see your new work and say hello. also i have been going to the workroom stitch nights on tuesdays with my friend jaime to journal. you should come out too! cheerio rhya