March 18th 2010

I'm exhausted. I've been walking everywhere today, and even had a very impromptu spin class because Chris was teaching it tonight.

I may be tired, but I also had a fantastic day. I was out in the sun, and heat! It was 17℃ here in Toronto today. It was beautiful. I've really needed a little vitamin D lately.

It was made better when, out running errands, I had the very good fortune to stop in to local illustrator Alanna Cavanagh's studio to pick up a silkscreen print that I'd won off her blog last week! I was thrilled when I found out, but was even happier when I saw it in person! It's such a sweet print, (called "t is for tap dance"). We talked about silkscreening for a while, and about the class she had taken, while in New York, with Lotta Jansdotter! Amazing!

It's always exciting to see people's personal workspace, but Alanna's studio/apartment was especially cute! She recently posted photos of the space, so you can see for yourself!

I would love to write more about what I'm working on, but instead I think it's time for me to go collapse!


  1. Wait a minute.


    This just added about five thousand new outfits for the two of you in my fairy-tale-story-book-that-is-your-life-dream-in-my-brain. Amazing!

  2. Well, he's taught as a substitute while other instructors were away, but he's actually taking his certification now! He'll be an official instructor soon! He's a very tough instructor...