March 12th 2010

I have a few things to post about today.

Firstly, I finally got around to making a business card! I should have had one ages ago, but hadn't gotten around to it. So here it is!

I was planning on getting it printed somewhere, then thought the other day that I'd been doing my own silkscreening a lot lately and that that gold ink of mine looks great on cream-coloured stock, so voila! I cut them out, printed two at a time, then cut them to size. It took lots of printing, and lots of cutting, but I'm really happy with the result.

The second thing I've been working on today is a new print. I'm in the middle of printing it, but when the ink is dry I'll post photos and an explanation. I believe this particular design deserves a little bit of explanation.

The last thing was brought to my attention yesterday; which was a post on design blog But Does It Float, featuring my dear friend Carly's newest oil paintings of minerals. I was familiar with all of the pieces except for the very first, which may now be my very favorite. Carly, if you read this, what is the mineral in that piece? Citrine? It's so pretty. They keep getting better and better. The thing that really amazed me when I first saw them in person was their size! They look, in photos, like they could be very large paintings, but they're actually quite small. And incredible.


  1. Gotta see those business cards up close! Hoping to swing by the Spring Trunk Show to pick one up :)

  2. the business cards look amazing!! Love the gold!
    And I love carly's paintings! I want to see one in person one day. I can't believe those are paintings!

  3. Thanks Celine! I just finished cutting them all out! It took quite a while! But I'm happy with the way they look, and I love the gold too! I think it's my new favorite ink to silkscreen with! And Carly's paintings really are amazing!

  4. your business cards are perfect! I need to make some too - I have TONS of coe&waito cards, but now I need some for my solo self too.

    That mineral is Hessonite and is a type of garnet. The actual specimen is so tiny. Maybe I'll post a photo of it to show the scale. I've been wanting to do more of that, because the scale of the specimens is often quite surprising when you see them in real life and it's pretty interesting how they come to life through photographing them up close with good light (and then, hopefully, through the paintings). My macro lens does wonders for bringing out their most minute qualities.

  5. Thanks Carly! It's good to see that that amazing camera of yours is so handy... sort of makes me want to run out and get a new one too! haha!
    And I always loved your business cards with Alissa! They were so pretty, (and very memorable, which is always a good thing!). If you ever want me to print you some, I'd be happy to.
    Oh yeah, and please post a photo of the scale of the piece of Hessonite! xo

  6. For those of you who haven't seen it already, here is Carly's reply to my questions above. It's the greatest post!