March 24th 2010

This is my 100th post!

It just so happens that it's Chris' birthday today, too!

I was away over the weekend, but am back into the full swing of things again. I've been painting lots, and can't wait until I'm at a point when I can photograph the painting I'm working on and upload it. I'm pretty excited about this project I've been working on.

I also did a small pencil drawing for Chris. I love an excuse to draw with pencil. It happens so rarely.

Now it's time for me to start making special top-secret birthday treats!


  1. omigod! chris looks so cute!!!!!!!
    happy birthday chris!
    and happy 100th post Melinda!

  2. They're not very top-secret if you blog about them, silly!

  3. happy 100th post melinda and happy birthday chris!! xx

  4. Happy birthday to Chris and Happy 100th post to you! Have fun making top-secret delicious treats!

  5. I'll pass along all of the birthday wishes! And if I remember in all of the hubbub tonight, I'll take photos of treats and post them!