March 15th 2010, pt. 2

I doubt I'm exaggerating when I say that Stig Lindberg's "Bersa" design for Gustavsberg, Sweden is quite possibly the most sought-after pattern in modern day ceramics. It's simple and beautiful, and always printed on the most equally simple and beautiful forms. Stig Lindberg was one of the most important post-war designers, not just of porcelain, but also illustration and industrial design.

For some reason, I always find myself drawn to design on porcelain. Some, (maybe even most?), of my favorite designers of all time work in porcelain, (Stig Lindberg, Russel & Mary Wright, etc.). For a very long time I've admired Stig Lindberg's work, and hope that one day I'll own a piece of his. (Maybe that tea pot below??)

And is it just me, or does he look remarkably like the guy on the cover of The Smiths Best Of album??


  1. wow. i've never seen this design before.

    obviously -- because we are china soulmates -- i love it.

    did you make any further decisions about that set you saw on ebay?

  2. Oh geez, I wish. Maybe it can be our "wedding china pattern". I can't afford to buy myself a new set of china right now. I WISH! Right on par with that design would be a full set of these lovelies! Did you check out the resemblance to the Smiths cover guy?

  3. I LOVE this pattern so much!! I often ogle pieces on ebay.

  4. I love the shape of that teapot. and the wooden handle. love.
    I don't know much about ceramics. keep sharing them melinda! I love all your ceramics!

  5. Carly, oh my goodness, me too! I've also had my eye on a full set of those Royal Doulton Morning Star dishes, just like yours and my creamer! eBay's the worst...
    And Celine! I'll keep posting if you keep reading! xo