January 18th 2010

It's our 68 month anniversary today. (Okay, I realize that it technically isn't an "anniversary" because those are yearly, but you understand).

I stumbled on a really great website the other day. It's called Mieke Willems and is run by two belgian ladies, Veronik Willems and Mieke Verbijlen. They have one of the nicest collections of the things I enjoy that I've ever found in one place; from sweet stationery and notions to hand-knit wool bedsocks. If you have a little extra time online to spare today, take a gander.


  1. this is the store I was telling you about that had the wood pecker knocker! (if you remember at all!)
    I'm glad you found it!!

  2. Oh, no way! I remember! (The day we were out for brunch, right?)
    Speaking of brunch, I was going to write the girls tonight to see if we can plan our re-do brunch soon!

  3. yay! we need nikki this time! re-do brunch!
    happy 68 month-versary by the way! It is so cute that you keep count!!!