January 19th 2010

While I work, I love to listen to audiobooks. I've started to listen to the Chronicles of Narnia, which I read when I was really young. I forgot how good they were! Or maybe I didn't realize it when I was little.

I'm a bit silly about making sure that my audio files in iTunes have the prettiest covers included so that I can see them on my computer and iPod while I listen. While I was searching for covers for these seven books, I found the original first edition covers, illustrated by Pauline Baynes. I love stumbling upon new children's book illustrators that I'm not familiar with. Her work is really sweet and beautifully drawn. From what I gather, she illustrated a lot of adventure books, including the Narnia series and and edition of The Lord of the Rings books.

I've included all of the original covers below. (I especially love the "Silver Chair" cover!).


  1. These are beautiful! I love listening to my audiobooks while working. It increases your productivity x 2!

  2. It really does! I get so wrapped up in them that I forget that I'm doing work!