September 13th 2009

It was a weekend of delicious brunches. Yesterday morning we went to Anthony, Katherine and Ingela's place and Tony made us a lovely Jewish breakfast, and even made his mother's recipe for cheese pie. It was incredible.

It has been a gorgeous weekend for weather. We sat outside on their patio and enjoyed the last little bit of summer sunshine.

This morning I went to Jen and Tim's house for another brunch. Jen had gotten up first thing in the morning to make a batch of her incredible cinnamon buns. We had french toast with fresh fruit and whipped cream, homemade chai tea, then spent a good part of the afternoon canning! I've always wanted to, and never had the nerve to try it on my own. I tried a recipe for Vanilla Pear Jam that I had remembered Karyn posting last fall on her blog. It turned out really well! I think I'll be trying pickles next!

What a wonderful weekend.

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