September 1st 2009

Waking up to the radio today, I heard that there had been an accident along Bloor Street last night and a cyclist had died. It's all they've been talking about this morning, because the motorist that struck the cyclist is a prominent politician in Ontario. I had to turn the radio off because the host of the talk-radio show we were listening to kept going on and on about cyclists disobeying the rules of the road. I bike everywhere, and wish this city were more bike friendly.

In other sad local news, one of my favorite local bookstores, PAGES, is closing it's doors today. It's been around for over 30 years, and sold many graphic novels and 'zines that you couldn't find anywhere else.

My adventures in Roncesvalles yesterday weren't as sweet and scenic as they could have been because the street is heavily under construction. But the fruit markets were as colourful and lovely as ever, so my trip was still a success. As usual, the fruit markets were teaming with bees! But yesterday it was like every bee in the city knew where to be.

I'm getting really excited to receive copies of the children's book I illustrated over the summer. It's been printed, and will be released October 22nd. I'll probably do a draw for a book for anyone who's interested. I'm also expecting swatches of fabric in the mail any day now. I created a new design and can't wait to see how it turns out. Eyes on the mail!


  1. I can't wait to see that book! sounds incredible. Also yikes about that biker. Although I have to say TO is waaaay more bike friendly than here in LA. I used to ride on the pathways for most of my journey since drivers are so unused to cyclists. It was terrifying!

  2. Toronto really isn't the worst. Chris and I went on a bike trip in St.Catharines recently and people were terrified of us! It was bizarre! It makes me want to move to Holland...

  3. I was stung by a bee yesterday in the park, it was hiding in my purse!!

  4. Maybe they were just terrified of all the adorable woodland creatures following you two around in a state of incredibly cute bliss? Everyone else is used to it by now you know Melinda.

  5. yesnoyes, I'm going to be afraid to open my purse for the rest of the summer...
    Sarah, no, that's not it. It was the bicycles.

  6. ooo!!! i'd love to see the book u were a part of!!! that must be super exciting! Congratulations!
    the new fabric design you created is ridiculously cute!

    i also heard about that cyclist on bloor, scary! be careful!!!