September 10th 2009

I'm so excited! I got copies of my children's book in the mail today! I'm sooooo happy with it. It looks better than I thought. It's not going on sale until October 22nd, so I'm not able to show the full cover, but this is a little sneak peek.

I went to Mokuba earlier today. I forgot how much fun a trip to Mokuba can be! They have some beautiful new ribbon and trim in right now. I got some for a dress I'd like to make.


  1. I feel like heaving a big sigh of happy contentment when I read your blog or see your flickr Melinda. It's like having a friend who is a magical fairy.

  2. hahahaha! I wish I were. That would be magical. Katherine was talking just last night about how we bloggers should all aspire to your dedication to your blog. I've been trying to write every day! I gotta keep up! Did your brother tell you that we've been in touch about my selling stuff in his shop? (wee!)

  3. Yes! He is all excited about it, as am I! He usually tries to keep everything australian-artist based too so it just goes to show how much we Brown's love your work lady!