September 2nd 2009

I fell in love yesterday when I stumbled upon Clare Grill's work. I really admire people that can work with oils so loosely. Her work has so much movement and body. I also love her use of colour. Her palette is so rich and vivid. Her newest series of paintings portray Catholic school children in a classroom setting; a subject that is close her heart, being raised in the church herself.
I went through every painting on her site. Yep, it's love.
She's got a couple of exhibitions up currently in the Bronx and San Francisco that are listed on her site, as well as a set of two new prints through Jen Bekman's 20 x 200. I highly recommend you give her work a look. You may fall in love too.

I also ran across the illustration work of Uesugi Tadahiro. He's another great example of someone who knows how to successfully capture realistic looking light in his artwork. He uses space on a grand scale, constructing whole city blocks in his illustrations.
His work is really lovely.

As a great start to the morning, the new Anthropologie catalogue showed up in the mail! Oh joy!

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  1. that second tadahiro painting is really beautiful. i see what you mean about light...