September 28th 2009

We had a great weekend up in Muskoka. On Saturday we went for a great walk back through the woods behind my parent's home and found lots of mushrooms, sarcoscyphaceae (tiny fungi), and moss. It must have been a nice damp summer up there.

The colours are changing really quickly, so I'm glad I got up there when I did. I think in the two days that we were up there, the tree at the front of the house nearly fully changed. Most of the hardwood trees turned red, but one section of the words was almost entirely yellow. It was so pretty.

I saw some types of mushrooms that I've never even seen before! I'm pretty sure the one pictured above is an Amanita Muscaria, (Toadstool), mushroom. These ones were all half-eaten and knocked over, but they still look so pretty.

There was a lot of sarcoscyphaceae, or lichens, attached to old stumps and boulders along the path. They look like they belong on a coral reef rather than in the forest. I grabbed a small patch of it, put it into a mason jar terrarium and brought it home as a little piece of the north.


  1. oh, i looove all these mushroom photos! i've only seen a red mushroom once in person. they are so pretty.

  2. Thanks Karyn! I took them all as reference for upcoming projects. I'll post something on here later when I've started working on them!

  3. I love your field findings! They are so you! I can't wait to see your future projects inspired all of this!

    you should make a terrarium!!!

  4. Sarah! MASON JAR! These ones aren't big enough though... they're just little jam jars.
    And Celine, I did make a couple of tiny terrariums! I put them on Flickr, here : and here :

  5. wow melinda, these images are amazing, pretty textures

  6. Naomi, I wish we could all take a trip up some time. The woods are so pretty! I know you'd love it.