September 24th 2009

Since doing a (very small) batch of Vanilla Pear Jam at Jen's a couple of weeks ago, I've been wanting to try canning something else.

I went out and got a big stock pot, canning tongs and lots of little cucumbers and Chris and I made a lovely batch of pickles!
I went to Roncesvalles to pick up the last few ingredients, including heads of dill, which are so pretty and smell amazing! I love walking down that street to all of the different fruit and flower markets, although there's a lot of loud construction going on there lately.
I'm really happy with the batch. They look really great in the jar!

Chris and I cracked open a jar last night, and although they're a liiiiittle bit salty, (okay, a lot bit salty), they're pretty tasty! The spices and dill taste just right!

Tonight should be a lot of fun. Nikki and I have a project that we're going to work on, and I'll post about it before we leave town tomorrow. Fun!


  1. where are you leaving to? and what is the project?

  2. Heading up to Muskoka to visit family, and the project didn't get finished last night, so I'll have to post about it later.
    Have a good weekend Tony, and see you next week! xo

  3. a project?! you've got tony and i wondering.