May 10th 2010

I had an Inuit soapstone carving given to me by my grandma when I was younger. I've always loved it. I remember going through my Mom's old art school textbooks, and one of my favorites was the one on Inuit art.

I've kept my carving above my desk, (along with some of the other things I like to glance at for inspiration), for a long time. Even though I see it up there occasionally, I was reminded of it the other day when I was having a coffee with Anthony in the park.

He was talking about a man that his mother knows that makes beautiful carvings of bears, and I mentioned this owl one that I've had forever. It made me want to run home immediately and start researching Inuit art again. Below are a couple of the images that I came up with online:

Female artist, Kenojuak Ashvak, is the creator of the piece above, which is quite famous in Canada, (and has even been printed on Canadian postage stamps).

The piece below is by Siassie Kenneally, an artist of the Dorset Fine Arts collective, titled Seal Gut.

Anthony had also mentioned an artist who's work he's admired for quite a while now; Annie Pootoogook. I looked her up, and she's now a new favorite artist of mine! Her work is so simple and beautiful, and tells such vivid stories. I also love that she shows the modern side of Inuit life in her work.

Oh! And before I forget! Thanks to Amy Hanson for the sweet blog post!