May 19th 2010

We had the best day out yesterday!

We went on quite the adventure through the city riding the tandem, eating good food, (and gelato from La Paloma!), riding to the St. Lawrence Market and through High Park. We ended the day with a delicious home-cooked meal of scallop and squid cassoulet, (with seafood bought fresh at the market that day).

It was exactly a year since we got engaged and now, with just less than a year til the big day, I'm getting more and more excited!


  1. whoa! Is La Paloma all the way up at St. Clair? You guys went everywhere!
    I love the tandem bike!!!! You are so using it for your wedding photos!!

  2. Actually, that's been brought up already, (and I TOTALLY want to use it for wedding photos! haha!).

    We went EVERYWHERE yesterday. My legs are pretty tired today, but it was so worth it!

  3. you guys win my 'super-cute' award. it's very prestigious.

    i love the tandem cycle!

  4. Congratulations guys!
    Glad your special day turned out so perfect!
    You two are so cute on that bike.

  5. You went to St Clair and St Lawrence Market in one day! AMAZING! You guys are champion tandem bikers. Congratulations on the special occasions!

    I have such great memories of La Paloma -- you were in the neighbourhood where I grew up! One time me and my small French immersion class (6 kids) went to Earlscourt Park to play baseball, and Mr Beraho bought us gelatos. Sweet man.

  6. Rhya, Carly and Anabela, thank you!

    Rhya, we appreciate your consideration for such an esteemed award! Yay!
    Carly, it was the best! And so is that bike...
    Anabela, I love that area! That's a great memory! I've only been to La Paloma a few times, but I love it! And yeah, we sure were champions yesterday! Lots and lots of exercise! haha!

  7. You're the adorablest! I mean, the awesomest. Adorablawesomest!

  8. hahaha! That word is the adorablawesomest! xo

  9. these are wonderful photos! looks like so much fun :)

  10. That is MY KIND OF DAY! Love it! I am so excited for my wedding too... Congratulations!!

    Lovely blog!


  11. Natalie, thank you! It was!

    Beatriz, Thank you too, and I'll be sure and check your blog!

  12. yeah, you guys are SORT OF cute...

  13. Time goes by so fast! Hope all the wedding planning isn't makin u crazy! U guys are so cute!

    Ps. What a lovely day u had!!

  14. Not at all! It's pretty exciting!
    Thanks Roz!