May 11th 2010

Man, oh man. It's cold and miserable outside again today. I've been under the weather for a week now, and this weather isn't helping much.

Thanks goodness, though, for Aran Goyoaga at Cannelle-et-Vanille for posting gorgeous photos like this and reminding me that summer is (actually, really) on its way. A couple of days ago she posted about her assignment for Design*Sponge, to create a beautiful summery drink, (Ginger and Strawberry Bubbles!), using her own recipe. The recipe sounds incredible! She even made her own ginger ale to use for the drink! (Which I'm definitely going to try! Maybe even today! So excited! Ginger ale makes sick people feel better, right?).

She always makes things look extra special in her photos. They look so dreamy...

I'm also pretty in love with these two dresses from Anthropologie. I want to start wearing dresses again! And without tights! Soon enough, I suppose.

I want to thank blogs like Cannelle-et-Vanille, and shops like Anthropologie for keeping my warmer-weather-spirits up during these chilly, chilly days. They remind me that things can be warm and colourful!

I've also been looking at some of the wedding blogs lately, because it's almost exactly a year until our own big day! Yay!

Here's one last little something that cheered me up; a video of Jim Henson's first television show : Sam & Friends, c. 1961. I was listening to the Muppets episode of the How Stuff Works podcast while I painted yesterday, and found out about this show. I'm a life-long Muppets fan, and I hope this video makes you as happy as it made me.

PS - I apologize for the lack of photos of my own work in the last little while. I have a couple of projects I'm working on; one cover illustration and a collection of oil paintings, but I'm not at liberty to post about them just yet. But soon!


  1. I wish summer would come too Melinda! Why is the weather so terrible! I had to wear a hat out today! And, fingerless gloves!!
    I really hope you are feeling better.
    We have to get together soon.

  2. I know, I wore a hat and gloves out yesterday, too! So cold and windy and miserable.
    We should definitely visit soon! I've been thinking about canning things lately, (and even started a new post about it this morning), and thought of you!
    Let me know when you have time off, and we'll visit! xo