May 8th 2010

{ Lauchie with his wonderful wife, Shauna. }

As promised, here are some photos from Lauchie's solo opening the other night at Narwhal Art Projects.

Before stopping in to this show, I headed with a couple of the girls down to Hot Shot Gallery in Kensington Market to see Richelle's exhibition now up as part of the Contact festival. Richelle is part of the TLR, (Twin Lens Reflex) Club, a group of local photographers that explore the sites of ruined and abandoned buildings, documenting their hidden rooms and stories.

They're also in the process of publishing their first book as a group, titled "Modern Canadian Interiors". You can explore the pages of the book, and pre-order your copy, here.

My favorite photo in the whole show was one that Richelle had taken of the old Don Jail, which was closed in 1977. She and a few of her fellow photographers were allowed in to the old jail to shoot, and the photos she took away were quite stunning. If you're in Toronto, you should really head to the gallery to see the show. It's open until May 15th.

Below are a couple of photos that I took, (after remembering that I'd brought a camera out with me!), of Lauchie's work. The image directly below is a wedding portrait of Lauchie, with his "painting wife", Stephen Appleby-Barr. Stephen is another member of Team Macho, along with Lauchie, Chris, Jacob and Nick. (Lauchie's real wife is pictured above).

The gallery was filled all night with patrons and well-wishers. It was so nice to see everyone!
Congratulations to both Richelle and Lauchie! It was a wonderful night.


  1. I've been discovering your lovely work, and also discovering that we know some of the same people - my husband actually went to high school with Lauchie.

    His work truly is always amazing, I'm glad we made it out to his show too (and that we came early so we got to get a really good look at it).

  2. Beth, what a small world! That's funny! And lovely blog!