May 7th 2010

After painting and posting parcels yesterday, and before heading out to see two incredible show openings, I made this small travel bag for my toiletries.

I had gotten some beautiful Nani Iro laminated double-gauze cotton, (essentially, the best oil cloth I've ever seen), at the workroom a couple of weeks back. I had planned to make this bag, (and possibly a new bike seat cover?), out of this fabric. I'd wanted some for ages. When I brought it home, in usual fashion, I dropped everything and started cutting the pattern out straight away. I started sewing it immediately, and was having some trouble with it. For some reason, the thread was looping terribly in the back, and I couldn't fix the tension. I stopped sewing and put the project down for a couple of weeks.

I was reminded of it when I read Karyn's blog post about her sweet new backpack/tote that she'd made with the same fabric. It was perfect. I wrote to Karyn to ask if she'd had any problems sewing with it, and she hadn't. I did notice in her email, however, that she'd used cotton thread, and I'd been using polyester. I assumed that because the fabric was laminated, I should use a poly thread... but this wasn't the case! haha!

So I picked it up again yesterday, switched to cotton thread, took the pieces apart, and had the thing put back together in about a half hour! And it's cute! What else can I make with the remaining fabric!? So many ideas...

But that will have to wait for another day.
And so will my post about those two shows I'd mentioned. I'll post photos and tell all about them; maybe tomorrow?
Back to work now.


  1. um, this is SO awesome! i love how it turned out with the linen/oil cloth combo. yay nani iro!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like it! Linen looks great with everything! I'm really happy with it! It makes me want to take off for the weekend so that I can pack it in my luggage!

  3. well, that extra fabric could be used to make me one! it's great Melinda, and those exhibitions were a GOOD time.

  4. They were! So much fun! I'm glad we got to hang out that night! I think gardening this summer will be the perfect excuse to see more of each other! xo