May 6th 2010

Today has been a "desk" day. So far, anyway.

I got up early, ate some breakfast, made myself a coffee and sat down to paint at my desk. I heard a giant thump at the door, went out to have a look, and found a couple of giant packages of fabrics lying there from the postman. I packed up all of the orders to go out, and got back to painting. I'm going to take a break to run them to the Post Office shortly.

The reason I'm getting so much work done today is so that I can take a break tonight for Lauchie's opening! I'm so excited. I also have a great photography opening to see on the way, featuring Richelle Forsey's work. It's at Hot Shot gallery in Kensington Market, and is a part of the Contact photography festival here in Toronto. The show, titled Modern Canadian Interiors, includes some gorgeous photos of rooms inside decrepit and abandoned buildings. I can't wait to see the work!

Both openings are going to be so much fun to see.

Lauchie posted a link to his interview with Toronto Star art critic, Murray Whyte, this afternoon. To read his interview, follow this link.

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