April 11th 2010

It's exactly one week until the Spring Trunk Show at the workroom, and Chris and I are both busy getting our wares ready.

Even though I should have been outside in the sunshine, I've been printing away today, making more business cards and tying little bundles of fabrics. I'm also designing a new print that I won't preview until the show.

If I time my days out properly, I may just have time to take an afternoon off this week and bike around High Park. There are cherry blossoms coming out on the trees in the west end of the park this time of year. It's always a treat to see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to the weekend!


  1. Oh I wish I could go to the trunk show but I work every Sunday, darn! Good luck with all your preparations. I've made going to High Park a priority, too. I've never seen cherry blossoms!

  2. Oh Erica! I hope you make it! It's so, so pretty to see! I just remembered that I had this Flickr set!


    I'm sorry to hear about you not making the Trunk Show, but I'll take photos and post them online! xo

  3. can't wait to see!
    see you sunday miss!

  4. ohhh! i am so excited about the trunk show and your fabrics!

  5. Thanks Roz and Rhya! See you both there! xo