April 29th 2010

I take a lot of trips to the local Post Office. Quite often, I'm bringing small packages, and could easily ride my bike there, but instead usually choose to walk.

I love taking walks through our neighbourhood. In that short distance between our front porch and the Post Office 10 blocks away, I walk through a few different neighbourhoods.

I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring a camera with me when I head out of the house, but (finally!) remembered to bring it with me the other day. There is a tree on the corner of our street that blossoms with the prettiest deep pink flowers, and I wanted to take photos of it before the wind blew the flowers off the branches. (It's been very, very windy here lately).

It was such a beautiful day; so sunny and bright, that everything had richer, more beautiful colour. (I turned these photos in to "polaroids", but you can see the actual photos on my Flickr photostream).

I'm going to have to get in to the habit of doing this more often.


  1. beautiful. I love all the blossoms that are popping up in blogs these days. I too keep forgetting my camera and miss so many wonderful opportunities for photos.

  2. Beautiful pictures! We are also always running to the post office - wish it was closer so we could walk!

  3. Lovely! I too love that Star Sheet Metal sign.

  4. I know! I hope they never take it down!