April 27th 2010

My goodness! It's been a week since I posted last. It's been a busy week!

I'm going to make this something of a catch-up post. So it may reach epic proportions. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I've been helping Chris make the frames for Lauchie's upcoming show, That Hideous Strength, at Narwhal Art Projects. The show opens next Thursday, and the work is looking amazing. If you're in the city, you should definitely make a point to stop in and see it.

I also went up to Muskoka to visit my family over the weekend. It was warmer up there than it was here, and so sunny. We sat outside knitting and eating and getting much needed sunshine. It was such a great weekend away.

I'm a big fan of Jen Bekmans' 20 x 200 project, and really enjoy the work that she includes in the collection. I love Chad Hagen's Nonsensical Infographic series, all of Sharon Montrose's work, and the silkscreen-inspired prints by Tatsuro Kiuchi, but was unfamiliar with the work of William Lamson until last week. His work was featured on the site, including a photo of Dandelions hanging on a clothesline in Santiago, Chile. I'm in love. It's one of the most simple and beautiful photos I've ever seen. At first it looked like decorations set up for a party, but it wasn't until I read the title that I realized what the photo was of. I love the way the light comes through the couple in the middle. It's perfect.

The 20 x 200 project has been a great resource for finding out about many of the new artists I've become interested in, in the last while. If you're unfamiliar with it, you should check it out.

Finally, Karyn from the workroom posted some sweet photos from the Trunk Show two weekends ago on her blog last week.

You can read all about the other vendors and see some of her lovely photos, (taken with her new camera!), here.

While I may still be a little absent the next week or so, but will be back into the full swing of things and posting again soon!


  1. Chris is tall!!
    it was so good to see you! thanks again for saving me that print! My friend is going to love it!
    OMG thanks for sharing this photographer, this photo is incredibly beautiful! And his other work is amazing!

  2. He is tall! haha!
    I was happy too, and I hope your friend likes it!
    And I agree, that photographer's work is pretty amazing!

  3. phew. i was worried about you.

    and that photo is gorgeous.

  4. I know you were. It's okay, I'm back.
    Coffee break soon?