April 6th 2010

Back in the middle of the winter we hiked down to a little gallery on the corner of Ossington because the boys had a date to be interviewed for an online show called "Late Night in the Bedroom", a Toronto-based live audience show.

Here's the finished edit of their interview, including not-a-single-word from my dear Chris. (He's the shy one on the left). And here's Team Macho's website.


  1. great interview! these guys are so entertaining! and it is fun to hear about how they work together.
    chris looks so cute! I was seeing if he would do anything! he's not shy when you go up to talk to him, but he looks so shy here!

  2. Yeah, I don't think he really likes doing those sorts of things. (I can't really blame him!)
    And you're right, the boys are always pretty hilarious when you put them in front of a camera!

  3. I really dig the Team Macho site, Melinda :)