April 13th 2010

I'm taking a break before heading out on some errands to catch up quickly.

Things have gotten pretty busy around here lately; packing up things to go out, and getting things ready for the weekend. It's still so exciting to send my work to different countries all over the world, and to know that a piece of me is going to countries I haven't even been to yet.

Another update : A short while ago, Tanya from Snap & Tumble Letterpress here in Toronto, contacted me about the date for Chris' and my wedding next spring. She's working on the sweetest idea for the Spring Wedding Show coming up, and wanted to use our wedding date for her new Fill-in-your-own Save The Date cards! I especially love the first one. Chris loves his typewriters, and I love how sweet and simple it looks.

Tanya runs a great studio in northern Toronto, and teaches printing workshops to those curious about the press. I've been meaning to take a class for ages, but haven't given myself the time. I mean to at some point this year, though.


  1. What country is your work going to??? Sounds exciting.

  2. cute idea! fill in your own save the date!
    i love my typewriters too! Chris and I should geek out over ours. I lust for your cursive one, very much.

  3. tinyheart, I know! Cute idea!

    Naomi, all over! Very exciting!

    Celine, I should really use that one more often. I used to use it all of the time for letter-writing, but I haven't been writing letters!
    I used it to write my bridesmaids cards though!
    What kinds of typewriters do you have?