April 14th 2010

I've found a new favorite blog. It's called For The Love Of Bikes. I wouldn't say I'm an especially avid cyclist, (though I probably would be if I owned this bike!), but I do love going on nice long bike rides across the city. I've been looking forward to biking through High Park since it started to warm up, and will hopefully have a chance once this weekend's over.

When a friend posted a link to this blog online, I fell in love. The blog is written by Brooklyn-based industrial designers Vanessa Marie Robinson, and has a clear woman's touch. It's sweet and features some of the best female-friendly bikes and accessories.

I grabbed the photo above from her newest post, which inspired me to post about it. While perusing previous entries, I also found this post about Moleskine sketchbooks with bicycle drawings inside, (including her own drawings!).


  1. I love the colour of that bike! and of course, brooks saddle! Jin said he wants to get me one...but I don't think I need it! Plus, what if it gets stolen?!?!

    I am looking at that bag in the photo! hmmm!

  2. I know, isn't the bike the prettiest?? And I'd love to have a Brooks saddle too. I know you can get tiny Kryptonite locks for seats, so maybe you could do that? It would be the comfiest seat ever. I'd love to have one some day. I need to have a proper bike first, though! Mine's seen better days.

  3. first off, i think bicycles dominated 3/4 of our morning coffee date conversation. true sign spring is here.

    second, i think that bike is so utterly beautiful and perfect for you, i think you should just fucking buy it. thats what your Visa card is for. and sell your current bike on craigslist for an unfairly high price.

    thats my two cents.

  4. hahahahaha! Anthony! You're the best! (But you're probably one of those friends that doesn't talk you out of ridiculous purchases when you're shopping with them... that can be dangerous!)
    I want to agree. I'll get back to you with my final decision...